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Thai Coconut Custard Casserole – Khanom Mo Kaeng Authentic Recipe

Learn how to make a delicious baked Thai Coconut Custard Casserole that is both sweet and savory in less than an hour.

Thai Coconut Custard Casserole is a sweet and delicious warm casserole dessert that is really simple and easy to make. If you’ve seen my Thai Custard recipe where you use steaming as the method to cook, this one is the baked version! You should also know that there is also a third variation of this dish, the most popular one, that includes pumpkin.

This easy recipe is specifically a custard casserole, you will require no pumpkin at all. This dessert can be put together in less than 10 minutes by whisking together 4 ingredients and then topping it off with fried onions.

All About Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

Like other popular Thai desserts, you’ll often find this casserole on the streets of Thailand. This coconut milk custard can be served at any time of day and at any temperature, it’s just a versatile snack! Thai coconut custard has a taste that mimics a combination of custard, flan, and angel cake. It’s a dish that is served cold, warm, or even at room temperature. I

Thai Coconut Custard Casserole is a traditional Thai dessert that blends together flavors and textures of a flan, custard, and angel cake. It can be compared to a marshmallow and spongey like texture.

The topping of crispy fried onions and shallots generally seems unusual when placed on top of a sweet dessert like this. However, while it’s a pairing that doesn’t look like it works from the outset, but absolutely does. The reason is because of the savory assertiveness of the shallots and onions which complements the delicious custard sweetness that melds together the flavors so well.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

What does Thai Coconut Custard Casserole taste like?

Thai Coconut Custard Casserole is a sweet dessert with a rich, velvety, spongey texture that has coconut flavoring with subtle toppings of sweet, fried onion.

Where did Khanom Mo Kaeng, Thai Coconut Custard Casserole, originate from?

During the Ayutthaya period in Thai history, Maria Guyomar de Pinha, the queen of Thai desserts, served this Portuguese inspired dish in a brass pot to the king and queen at the time.

What are other names for Thai Coconut Custard Casserole?

Names for this Thai custard casserole dessert can be found under the following monikers:

  • Thai Mo Gang
  • Mo Gaeng
  • Khanom Mo Kaeng
  • Khanom Mo Kaeng Khai
  • Khanom Mo Gaeng
  • Khanom Mor Gaeng
  • Khanom Mor Kang
  • Khanom Mor Gang
  • Khanom Mo Kaeng Thua (mung bean version)
  • Thai Custard Tart

How do you pronounce Khanom Mo Kaeng?

Khanom is pronounced “ca” and “nom”. Mo is pronounced “maw”. Kaeng is pronounced rhyming with the word “language” but without the last syllable.

What Khanom Mo Kaeng does mean?

Khanom means “dessert and snack.” Mo means “pot or pan”. Gaeng/Kaeng means “curry”. Putting those words together means “a dessert snack made in a curry pan”.

Other Variations of Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

There are other variations of this recipe, which includes ingredients like split mung beans, cooked taro, lotus seeds, and even sweet potatoes. 

Asian Grocery Store List for Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

These are ingredients that I would recommend getting at your Asian grocer.

Coconut Cream

I prefer using coconut cream over coconut milk because, well, who doesn’t love full fat? It makes the casserole more filling and more hearty!

Fried Shallots or Onions

Fried shallots and onions come in bulk and are really easy to find at Asian Grocers. I have not had any local at local western grocers finding this. Here’s what you’ll see at your local Asian grocer in the fried garlic, onion and shallot aisle. I prefer the taste of onion, but you can use shallots as well. They’ll make the dish taste just as savory!

fried onion asian grocer

fried shallots and fried onions - what to get at an asian grocery store 082

Tips and Tricks Before Making Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

Ensuring That the Casserole Is Completely Cooked

This is a really super easy dish to make. You’ll want to make sure the casserole is fully cooked before taking it out. It generally takes around 35 – 45 minutes in the oven to cook all the way through. Similar to cake, use a tooth pick to check to make sure that it’s done. If the tooth pick comes out clean, you know it’s done.

Adding in Vanilla to Dilute the Coconut Cream

If you want to add a little flavor or have someone that doesn’t necessarily like coconut, you can use more vanilla to dilute the coconut flavoring. Generally though, if someone doesn’t like coconut, they shouldn’t really eat this dish.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

How to Make Authentic Thai Coconut Custard Casserole Recipe

Ingredients for Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

fried onion asian grocer

  • 14 ounce can of coconut cream
  • 8 eggs
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 2 tablespoons of fried onion
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (for oiling pan)

Instructions for Making Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

Beat the eggs, coconut cream, granulated sugar, and flour together.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Oil a 8 x 8 x 1 1/2 inch pan with the vegetable oil.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Pour the mixture into the pan.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Top with fried onion.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Bake in oven at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes.

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Cut into small pieces and serve!

thai coconut custard casserole baked recipe

Preserving Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

After cooking, Thai Coconut Custard should be refrigerated for up to 4 days. It can be served cold, warm, or heated up in the microwave.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Coconut Custard Casserole

What can I use just egg whites in Thai Coconut Casserole?

I would not recommend using egg whites as the yolk is what provides the binding for the custard casserole.

When do you serve Thai Coconut Custard – Khanom Mo Kaeng?

This dish can be served at any time of day, not just as a dessert after a meal. 

Summary About Thai Coconut Custard Casserole Recipe

I hope you loved this recipe for an absolutely divine Thai baked pudding/flan dessert. It’s delicious and easy to make with just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand. While the custard casserole does side on the sweeter end, the crispy shallots that top it make it a savory dish as well. 

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